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Don’t want a bundle? We sell Primed individually too. Here are some of our most popular flavours.

Benefits of Primed™

Discover the ultimate edge with Get Primed fishing liquids. Primed is expertly crafted to help you succeed on your fishing trips. Here’s why Primed stands out as a must-have in every angler’s tackle box:

3. Long-Lasting Effect: Primed’s formula is engineered for a slow, controlled release, providing a prolonged attraction period. This means your bait remains enticing for longer, increasing your chances of a successful catch without the need for constant reapplication.

4. Easy Application: Applying Primed to your bait is straightforward and hassle-free. The liquid consistency allows for even coating, ensuring every part of your bait is covered. Whether you’re dipping, soaking, or glazing, Primed integrates seamlessly into your fishing.

5. Enhanced Performance: With Primed, experience a significant boost in your fishing performance. The emulsified formula maximizes your bait’s appeal, leading to more bites and bigger catches. Elevate your angling experience and enjoy the thrill of landing more fish.

6. Proven Results: Join the community of satisfied anglers who have transformed their fishing success with Primed. Our product is rigorously tested and has consistently delivered impressive results, earning the trust of both amateur and professional anglers.

Fishing. Made easier. 

Primed Fishing Liquids are formulated with the highest quality ingredients. Primed ensures that every bottle contains pure, potent attractants that fish can’t resist. Our commitment to quality means that you get a product that’s not only effective but also safe for the environment.

Whether you’re targeting carp, tench, roach, chubb, pike, perch or other species, Primed Fishing Liquids deliver consistent results. Our diverse range of formulas caters to different fish species and fishing conditions, ensuring that you have the perfect attractant for any scenario. This versatility is something many competitors lack, often offering one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t meet specific needs.


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Your website offers a fantastic selection of high-quality fishing liquids. User-friendly interface, detailed product descriptions, and fast shipping make it a go-to for me. Highly recommended


I bought this on a whim as usually these sorts of products don’t work but have to say it has improved my catch rate. Hats off to  you guys and will be buying more next week when i get paid


Very impressed with the products and delivery ordered Monday delivered by Thursday, my favourite is the The Stench, it smells awful but will draw in some big ones for sure. Fantastic products hopefully going help me catch some bigguns….


Get Primed has been a game-changer for me. Its strong, attractive scent and versatile application have significantly improved my catch rate. Easy to use, it adds a new level of effectiveness to my fishing trips. Highly recommended!


I’ve seen a noticeable improvement when using in PVA bags. The strong, attractive scent and easy application make it a must-have in my bucket. It truly enhances every fishing trip.


I found the perfect fishing liquids on your website. The variety and quality are impressive. Navigating the site was easy, and the fast shipping exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend for fellow anglers!